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Default Kennel Knowledge Series ( newcomer lead ) 3

Male dog of the physiological phenomenon
- have early growth
a dog is not fully mature male dog, and start to differentiate to the class have different gender, but on the physical and mental state is as yet fully mature, this stage is about male dogs 7 to eight months to the time-old teenagers, you will find the male dog during this period occurred for the smell of the opposite sex amused in, they will even attempt to learn mate. Then the following embarrassment, a friend of the home visits, if the shoes or pants tainted with the smell of female dogs, the male dog at home will think that the feet of the guests is a mate, it will make a mating action, holding the guests foot hold, people feel very mortified. Although the performance is bad, but not the male dog is fully grown very normal repercussion, it is responsible for loading the main should not be rigid. This pet owners find that embarrassing position, guests will visit the dog should be knotted solitude.
- a room can not hide two male dogs dogs
When fully mature, they will not have more than representation. Male dog woman dog to truly encounter in mating season, when the odor, in order to stimulate the male dog mating needs. Experienced breeders, with male dog can smell and the alternative of the feminine dog is the dog the best mating time. When you do not want male dog to match with petticoat dogs, we should pay attention to your dog's behavior changes. When it went around the smell, provocation, disobedience, such as performance, may signify a nearby female dog is in estrus, male dogs are stimulated and wish to find partners. During this period, you need to change the daily habits, for example, you usually walk dogs, in open space or open hillside will lead tether, so dogs run free, play. But when the dog needs only mating, the owner should not lax traction tether, can prevent the male dog sweethearts due to track the smell and gone, or do not take the male dog looking for direction. If you keep two male dogs at home, they are brothers, and grow to manhood. They have been feeling very well, and get along well, but one gender to reach full maturity in the two male dogs will be by principal fighting of the situation: for instance, they smell the female dog's heat with the smell, or suddenly saw outdoor a cat walk, I heard a stranger through the gate, understanding that such owner from outside the home, two male dogs standing in a location to compete for barking passer-by, or to gaze owners scrambling to vantage points, All these, they will do this by principal and fighting erupted. Host to ten million fighting to avoid the first time they happen, because the playing time, lifelong enemies, never repeatedly live in harmony, and the other is that the fight after the disjunction of strong and languid, and weak after a failure, it will always be strong subordinate, or they'll continue to get along, but the feeble are no longer happy, the emulation among two males, these circumstances, the owner certainly does not want to see. Therefore, if circumstances permit, they should have their own separate bed rest, truce and harmony can be had.
- man dog has a stable image
female dog time off of 6 months once, but male dogs do not menstrual wheels, they can mature to mate anytime, anywhere, until the old dog, I have had a ten year-old antique dog, they can complete the mating of every action, and to the * sub-normal female dog productive, born out of the BB dogs are very healthy and normal in all respects. Having said that, into eight or nine after the male dog, old gradually aging, the majority of cases, the male dog's forelimbs, hind limbs, pelvis has slowly began to aging, slow, calcification, often can no longer be propagating action Therefore, older dogs rarely used for breeding.
to the dogs teeth is necessary?
- As the saying goes, Digestive diseases, oral ailments accounted as 20%, while the oblique cause of the cases up to 60%.
Oral diseases, including alveolar abscess and other diseases and these diseases do not pay attention to a large amplitude with the owner of the dog's oral health and oral care are narrated to inappropriate Specific methods of care are as with:
one dog at 6 months from start , brush your teeth 2-3 times a week, opening dog will not meet resistance, but if we insist on doing it to develop better habits. First take a little dip gauze coated around the index finger of saline, in turn clean gums, teeth,Puma SF Drift Cat, movement should be light, so as not to mar the gums; other dogs to adapt to, and then dipped in a little pet toothpaste, brush your teeth for it, this toothpaste without mouthwash, can be allowed to own throat on * for sustainable 2 weeks, and other dogs fully adapted, special dog toothbrush and then brush your teeth to it, after long-term adherence can be an ideal care result.
Second, do not eat candy too many to the dog, such as chocolate, sugar, so it happens dental caries can be fed vegetable sticks and other biting its bones, teeth biting dog can exercise attach, but also play a clean-up plaque, tartar washing effect.
Third, if the event of oral ulcers, angered gums, etc. , and can be lukewarm saline bathe and rub iodine glycerin or antibiotics, a serious disease if antibiotics treatment.
four, often to increase some vitamin B home of pills,Puma Future Cat GT, reduce the incidence.
In short, the dog's oral care is important events, people must pay attention to the basic.
have your logical health attention law
(a) a healthy dog ​​
dog's health problems, the people body also has the disease, so owners should always look closely dogs in the normal state of health at the time, in order to understand if early observation of irregular state. dog is healthy, can be watched the following:
eyes - not watery, filth ear congestion and eye - do not feel especially hot when touched and not odor
nose - the nose was humid, but not runny phenomenon
mouth - no putrid savor, no coughing and sneezing
belly - appetite, abdominal distension
overcoat will not eat - lustrous skin and no hair removal
- not uncommon ruddy and skin debris
anus - not because of itching and rubbed on the floor
excretion - the normal state, there is no Xi River smashes or cruel
(b) the movement of dogs in little dog
health management, than the movement of the most momentous, because during the puppies, not fully exercise the opportunity, regardless of physical and mental, can not be kept healthy dog. dog walking and jogging exercise mainly born puppies 3-4 months, due to slower development of the tendon, do not make too much strenuous exercise in the suite or run free in the park, or for pitching, pick up the ball movement had enough.'s favorite outdoor dog walking, so the best time to go out walking every day with him, lack of exercise, then if the dog, threaten to cause indigestion, constipation, or skin diseases, due to the lack of size adjustment, and the limbs will grow back line abnormalities, so that position prejudice, so as to maintain the health of dogs should always walk to the outdoors, to make up for the lack of normal movement. exercise can quicken blood circulation, promote metabolism, increase appetite, exercise muscles, amend their health. Conversely, when the dog Dogs lack of exercise, the cause tendon atrophy, action is not malleable. the result of restrained instinct dog exercise will make it lose strength, hot-tempered, slightly neuropathy, easy to bark and bite at every turn.
dog because the dog's exercise species vary, but the size of the dog exercise and also proportional to the methodology, the exercise should be, and speed into a geometric array, such as speed of twice the amount of exercise to quadruple; if the speed is three times the amount of exercise to 9 times. within an hour so as to double the speed, the exercise time is 15 minutes, but this algorithm can not be generalized, fast and effortless to produce because of the evils, and also slow and a waste of time; so caress owners should be considered dog size, speed, and the option of appropriate exercise.
1) usually small playful dog in the room, such as Chihuahua, economic Adams Martha dog, Pomeranian dogs, micro sausage dog, butterfly dog, Yorkshire ridge, etc. , occasionally to the streets yo, you can preserve healthy, the best day to go out with a dog walk ten minutes.
2) is enjoying the same dog, but a small poodle puppies, Pug, etc., for them to be easily nigh the family close the surround,Puma Trionfo LO L II, so and avert obesity.
3) In increase, Japan ridge, Beilin Deng ridge, salami dog must go out every daytime wading ten to twenty minutes.
If the dog arrest limited to indoor life, and can not adjoin the outside globe, it is easy to develop introverted, sheepish habits, it should always hold out, and accustomed to the sound of outdoor things.
4) large dogs such as Akitas, the junior dog, St. Bernard dogs, mastiff dog body large, heavyweight large dog in the day, if there is no an to 2 hours of exercise time, you can not maintain a healthy body. dog's sweat glands have been degraded, and therefore can not people, to regulate body temperature through sweating,Puma Speed Cat Big, and alternate to regulate breathing; so when the dog started movement, which opened his jaws, stop drooling, panting breathing, for which, therefore, the employer must not in Dog exercise to make it bite the summer, they should prefer the morning or nightfall twilight so the climate is chilly moment for sports, primarily those on a hot day games dog breathing difficulties and asthma category, such as boxer and pug dogs, etc., do not coerce so that they were act in the summer when strenuous exercise dog dog drinking it after exercise and more recess until breathing returned to regular after re-feeding. the rules of sport need to do every day, even at night for it is harmless; because of the later movements, the more it can sleep.
love him so ... ... Do not let his cilia fat
- often, simply look at the arrival of dogs can be rough surmise it's diet and life habits, according to U.S. research shows: per cent twenty-five to forty U.S. dogs are overweight, which is the ample society of the wealthy man's disease.
- What is obesity from a medical point of outlook, obesity is defined as: excessive body portly collection, while the dogs than the standard heaviness per cent of fifteen to twenty-five would be considered obese. mutual diseases caused by obesity disease dog obesity is hazardous to health. dogs overweight, so to annual mobility. bear the brunt of the spinal nerves, problems include: spinal record transmission, arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament rupture, etc. obese dog's rind resistance is low, susceptible to viruses and catching diseases and accessible undergo from hypertension. obese dog cardiac load is ponderous, fat tissue blocking the blood containers, impeding blood rotation; trouble breathing, are susceptible to lung disease. liver feature will also be affected. As for the tolerate problem is including indigestion, bowel disorders, bloating, pancreatic gland inflammation. obese dogs most promising to amplify diabetes due to insulin disorders.
- dog obesity is likewise a dare for veterinarians, for once the dogs to surgery , namely laborious to determine the veterinary anesthetic doses. surgical programs ambition be blocked because of extravagant fatty tissue, are more complicated to seam the bruise later surgery to obese dogs a long time to wake up. dogs causes of obesity:
1 eating too mawkish instability, depression, Malaise, stress, overeating will make dogs such as dogs in the puppy stage yet the case, the body's fat cells will be a premonitory increase, especially in some small species size, more This happens 2. lack of exercise the right amount of games the nutrients into serviceable energy, on the inverse, no energy will be converted to fat.
3. some dogs have innate genetic proclivity to fat easily, such as La Obradovic Retriever, is high dogs, especially dogs and hunting Basel intestinal dogs, are of this type; other dogs belong to some fat easily obtained, including Kane Terrier, Small Shepherd, Golden Retriever British melody rack and mini Shi Nasha other.
4. a lot of folk meditation that castration surgical castration direct result of dog obesity, in fact, dogs in activities intended to depress after castration, the body does not require much energy, merely if you still according to the weight of castration before dining, will cause fat.
5. patients affected dogs suffer from disorders of thyroid secretion, weight will be out of control, the pituitary gland and head function below the hill will be a problem there for more than a dog disease only, often peckish, so a lot of eating.
1. veterinary aid to start always weight loss intend, and veterinarians should discuss. with a dog to a comprehensive physical checkup, if the sick should be the first handling and then to cut back on. veterinarian for dogs set a comprehensive weight loss agenda, including both food and exercise, to assure that the dog can only reply in due time, the standard weight.
2. start from the common food that dog food must involve a lot of fiber to deduct from, but the dog's stomach in the early weight loss and can not maybe meet a lot of fiber, so the owner in the purchase of dog food to cut back on should peruse production labels, and even veterinarians do not understand, shall the contractor. Sometimes dogs eat diet food is not necessarily, by the time you gradually reduce the amount of dog food can also be efficient.
3. exercise such as your dog vigorous and healthy, and meals normal, only mildly overweight, you equitable bring it more to make some movement on it. At first, with a dog walk around the vicinity, down the stairs and on the incline, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise, such as running, such as dog weary was not run on that physical movement has reached its restrict, then you will let it rest walk, do not Taimian Jiang it, but this accustomed must stick to it.
4. you are usually used to award such as comfit or high-calorie edible to reward your dog to do certain deeds, you should be a change, instead of in other ways, such as crispness carding, pat embrace, give it a current toy, or even amplify the playing time, are feasible course.
5. moral patronize and patience to reply to the appropriate weight dog is not impatient. dogs in the weight loss time, the most in need of support and encouragement to the owner, so you must spend some time and morale, pay care to the progress of the dog at a time insistence, will succeed.
enthusiasm for the dog, usually secondhand utensils
- combing their hair every day, man, do modeling, but not only have a clean dog pelt, a submissive's hair is a beauteous symbol, so help is a dog grooming pet owners will need to learn someone, let the dog have a beautiful hair is the pride of the owner.
on different varieties of dogs To use a different grooming tools broadly speaking can be divided into two kinds of brushes and combs, each comb is completed to help the dog, please memorize to comb, brush on oil and clean the excess hair, into the oven to tools to prevent oxidize.
comb - Dogs need to prepare for wide-tooth comb and a fine-tooth comb each one. the time of purchase to choose tooth-side and cross-section is round, in order to avoid tearing the fur, impair dog skin for long-haired dog, wide-tooth comb is used to comb the external hair, comb embarrassed tangle of hair; a fine-tooth comb is used to sort out the interior hair.
carding apparatus - usually short-haired dog carding device is used to comb, carding device is a rectangular panel fashion with short, curved cable teeth, coupled with a handle. carding device function is short-haired dogs who shed undercoat hair down
- In addition to comb hair, another important equipment is the shearing tool dog with a variety of shearing tools, too specialized shearing equipment will need to by a professional beautician to * knives, general Provided that pet owners are usually the is used to trim the eyes, ears, lip, anus and genitals and soles of the feet around the slight hair. Also, be especially careful not to use scissors to hack the dog's beard, trimmed with a comb can be used.
dog identify scissors - dog's nails are often the tools they used to make noise, in order to exclude rumpus and health attentions, the essential time to help dog owners dogs nails in use, please choose guillotine-type nail clippers of scissors is safer.
Exercise your dog - Expert counsel
normal exercise, reasonable diet for your dog healthy and elated is required. Westcomb experts to invest you with some proposals to make you and your dog from the campaign to aggrandize the behalf.
All dogs need daily exercise and love you dog need exercise not only depends on its size, it also depends on the species and some small dogs (such as the Jack Russell German dogs and small dogs) energy is quite strong, and some large dogs (such as Newfoundland, St. wave that rescue dogs) the energy is not so strong the dog when the brisk small so no additional exercising, and dog constantly you need to grow up with a promenade out to stroll in and access to veterinary canine vaccination will not grant the dog to the outdoors before.
walking at the roadside, the dog should be to anchor the belt, cast it in those after where dogs can cause trouble should be to knit the strap, if your dog well trained, you and your dog will be happier. Remember, not everybody is favor you love dogs, so you must adore the These people and their dogs under control and you should take your dog away some of the hard road, which will dress their nails short.
If the dog is growing, do not overload them exercise, because their bones muscular ample, and can not cope with the pressure of excess movement in the dog ought forever be entirely mature before a small value of movement --- Remember, colossal dogs mature afterward than smaller dogs you can to breeders or veterinarians discuss the relevant circumstances.
walking can not only make the dog linger healthy, it can also experience new entities, including to meet other dogs, which will help them long to become a good mood and with the surroundings to adjust to dogs, and would avoid the resulting behavioral problems and they exercise should be monitored, rather than allowing the dog to roam around in the dog during the day and do not want to shut out so that it self-seeking life.
make walking or jogging every day your dog (maybe you) to maintain a agreeable figure, and avoid obesity. with medical experts and veterinary experts, a cloud of obese dog owners are also overweight.
dog daily exercise points
- First, there should be an appropriate exercise every day. not with the dog owners will casually, periodically several times a day, and sometimes sports a few days. exercise because, as the dog's breed, age and varies in different individuals, such as Small dogs daily movement distance to 3-4 km is appropriate,Puma Football, and speed of the hounds, ran 16 kilometers a day should be about, and some small dogs such as Chihuahua, Beijing dogs, squirrels and other dogs and Shih Tzu small as individual If they go a long way every day, often due to excessive exercise and affect the center, so as to move freely at home,Puma Outdoor Shoes, that is enough daily exercise its Some small dogs, such as Terry dogs, mini Binsha dog, with its lively character , the necessary amount of exercise will more than other small dogs, exercise should be increased and some dogs, such as Afghanistan, dogs, etc., it is best to run more than 15 minutes a day in the outdoor traction before exercise, they should be let free digit minutes to defecation in the movement to maintain appropriate walking pose, with the owner to maintain a appropriate distance, correct, or before or after, or left or right walking habits.
- Second, go for sports should be to the dog with on a leash, especially in urban streets Do not disregard loose belt allowed to wander freely, to avoid creature buffet by a motorcar or bother pedestrians or other dogs meet and fight, with particular attention to pedestrians to prevent bites. with a dog The Department of lock should not be too tight or too loose, too firm will affect the breathing, too loose and easy off, to a certain degree of liberty is appropriate.
- Third, the line should always alteration movement, not merely on the day the same fixed-line activities, sports should be to prevent it from proboscis to sniff the additional dog excrement left by other objects, can not let the dog touch, not to dogs or additional dogs into the gathering area to discourage certain infectious diseases.
- Fourth, the security ring microscope, can give the dog some plastic toys made of resin, anyone of its free melodrama to play alternatively guide it sprinting.
- V of hunts or dogs and other going dogs, summer swimming exercise, good body movement, physical evolution can proportioned dog. open to the fast movement and over the barriers, make the building of well-developed shoulders, breast, especially before the improvement breast development. To exercise the behind muscles and the posterior zone of the jumping competence, can jump obstacles siding, high barriers, obstacles and other consecutive activities to exercise the dog's speed step, rope plucking exercise bicycle can be in changing the direction of movement combined with the curve , but also to exercise the dog's joints flexibility and movement agility. In short, the dog's movements in assorted forms, may be permitted to choose for alter intentions, generally enjoying the dog effectively for health care, exercise, and using dogs to be served specific performance exercise. After returning to exercise. to give the dog to drink enough clean water, towel dry body brush to remove dust. Do not exercise swiftly after feeding, at fewest quiet and rest for 30 minutes, or disposed to spewing.
cautiously observe the dog's physical condition
detailed detection dog, is the timely detection, accurate appraisal, early treatment key
mental health of dogs, are lovely, full of energy, mobile and flexible, God eyes, ears with the sound and turning often, to hear a subtle movement, it Shuer side listening, his eyes gazing with the direction of movement, expressed very clever mental state. If the dog discomfort, it will seem dull or semi-closed eyes, loath to activities, ears unresponsive to outer stimuli or unresponsive, slumberous.
determine nutritional status nutritional status is good or bad dog, the main body and observing coat. too fat, healthy dogs should be temperate, the body lines and flat, brawn fullness robust, was Mao Guangshun and shiny. If the dog body weight loss, muscle relaxation, disability, rough coat dim, parched and so on, often anguish from parasitic diseases, skin diseases, chronic gastrointestinal disease or the performance of certain infectious diseases.
temperature under normal alive conditions. healthy dog's normal body temperature is: youth dogs 38.5? 39 ℃, 37 adult dogs. 5? 38.5 ℃. hot dog easy way to determine, from the dog's nose, ears and cerebral state inquiry of normal dog nose cold and wet, ears and other chapters of the Ministry of skin temperature the same as if the dog found nose (nose) dry and hot, ears skin temperature than other portions of the tall dog lethargy, penniless appetite, Ke Yu additional, indicating that the dogs body temperature is tall in most infectious diseases, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and other organ inflammation, sunstroke and heatstroke when the body temperature, while in the poisoning, caustic dissipation, malnutrition and anemia and other diseases, the body often reduced. The most accurate way to fathom body temperature with thermometer. temperature, the first thermometer knocking the mercury col below 35 ℃, clean cotton ball with liquor antiseptic, a tiny tail on the dog to advert, the thermometer slowly into the anus. thermometer inserted to prevent the loss, about 3 minutes to remove readings when dog excitement, tension and after exercise, rectal temperature additional slightly.
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