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Default lv neverfull How to tell a man is not GAY

saying this is a skill, except those who were born with clear your heart bright eyes, the rest did not set off a three to five channels is unknown. Now this technology is compulsory child gate, straight men can learn self-defense, you can get rot Women girlfriends, GAY similar study that can identify, select darling, women are the most was the Shen Wu on their ways, so hot-headed, will a cavity of passion thrown the wrong candidate, missed the youth, lose the feeling.

GAY which is best recognized by the by, walking in the street, whenever you see a man who has a package (either shoulder bag, bag, or portable) you have to pay attention, this person has been GAY suspects are, and why? Because this is a law - ten GAY nine packages.

shoulder bag boy is gay the probability is relatively low, about 20% because many students do not rule out.

shape of the package - an ordinary pack of G points is not high, but the sideways rectangle, the oval, triangle and other irregular bags all likelihood will be back only GAY.

packet size - large or size and are not necessarily the same as usual bags GAY, size is very small shoulder bags and girls will be back only GAY.

package colors - straight men's shoulder bags nylon texture prone to military green (yellow), feces yellow, red and very positive (dim), light gray, yellowish brown. . . . The package GAY Walk two extremes, either the black, white, or is very fancy, fancy is not necessarily the color, there are patterns, straight men and rarely return to select the entire package are printed full package LOGO , black and white pattern like a package, but the pattern is the hundreds of Mickey Mouse and, most is GAY. . . Tell you, but there are levels of black backpack is the sense of contrast, generally are GAY. GAY absolute sensitivity of color intensity than the straight men, so few saw something brown GAY buy, because the extreme bias GAY select a color, but it looks and harmonious.

texture of the package - mostly straight men's backpack or PU nylon, the backpack if all cortex, 90% are gay, canvas bag compared side GAY, particularly in the design of the relatively loose and hanging fall feeling, somewhat elegant canvas.

package of accessories - no accessories may not be GAY, but the shoulder strap bag,lv wallet price, including the surface of a pin, a small strap on the zipper in general are GAY.

shape of the package - a man had his back pack if the bulging deformation, these people male side straight. GAY bulging package is not always to the deformation. Except in the move or travel.

shoulder bag brands - NIKE, ADIDAS, or some outdoor sports brand of the backpack is not necessarily GAY, GAY Mickey backpack are generally back, if even the backpack are G-STAR these brands are really a partial GAY.

GAY now rarely used pocket, so long as the spine above to see a system like the man selling vegetables in general are not the kind of package GAY, GAY because if pockets are generally thrown in our hands , or as a small single-shoulder bag.

straight shoulder bag hanging at the side of good, if flung diagonal package also walked with the rear end has also been bumped loud packets are generally GAY.

above a fringed bag, or lace - GAY!

handbag handbag bag inside most of all GAY, especially as shaped like LV NEVERFULL type of bag shopping bag usually only GAY in the holding,haargl&aumltter ghd test, if the same as the carrying basket the better, if caught in the armpit, or hung on the wrist, arm, also support the side, 99 percent is GAY.

even the same as the basket to take, if occasionally handle two hands holding a bag in front of the legs also carry - GAY.

Why Now people go out now, really want to take a lot of things, mobile phones, keys, wallets,lv discount bags, towels can be small things that, combined with the beauty of the subject by comparing them to take a lot of other things, cold weather to bring latex, hot days the need to bring oil paper, mouth dry to bring lip balm (or even lip gloss) hand cream, sunscreen should always mend, but also with the defective Concealer pen, uneven skin color make from time to time to take a good makeup powder a meal but also breath spray, makeup spent but also with some wet paper towels at any time to maintain the perfect posture, and then even with a powerful point of perfume, mascara, eyeliner, mirror. . . Spare even play PSP, and most important, if not like the TT's or can not do without lubricant, KY or Durex.

bag finished, talk about clothes again, although there are many straight men there is a great product, heavy outside, but definitely not GAY so crazy.

hat - straight men rarely wear hats, even wearing a sun hat or cap is also limited, if it is wearing a hat. . Sorry, now I see I'm wearing a hat are similar ah. But I do not wear hats. There is also a lot of GAY like hat head method is to put a cap, not to wear inside. . . Why? ? ? Fear of damage to hair ah.

shirt - clothes really hard to tell, but if a boy is focus on the brand of clothes, and clothes, the color is clear (which is not distinctive bright), like to wear loose flowing in particular, or special cultivation tight clothes, it is easy to be GAY, see a boy wearing clothes, in particular, can see the background type, usually GAY.

costume - the men wear tight pants, pencil pants ten men and nine GAY, wearing plaid pants are also likely to be GAY. . . Five Slim wear pants, especially a small mouth that pants - GAY. Taobao above all wearing fake DIOR HOMME extremely thin type - GAY. . . GAY will wear pants, but not the kind of like Anta, Del benefits package a
like. . . . GAY preference for cotton pants and a tie of love.

shoes - straight men rarely wear white shoes, wearing brown hiking shoes is hard to find GAY, GAY rarely buy Adidas shoes
(clover, except for living museum.)

Watch - leather strap G-points than the metal strap is much higher.

bracelet - woven bracelet metal bracelet GAY than a lot.

necklace - a lot of straight men like to wear a necklace, but if it is more than one, unless take the hip-hop routes, or most likely GAY

earrings - although many earrings also played straight man, but I want to say, whether or not people agree, I met the boys all played pierced GAY. . . Without exception.

perfume - straight men will use perfume, or even a lot of straight men and women like incense. But straight men rarely buy their own perfume, except give it away. Because straight men have a clear conscience, but a lot of GAY, particularly small by the subject, very, very despise perfume, perfume because they do not have to have been recognized by that. . . So if you talk about perfume and a boy, straight men may say I do not know, I do not, what perfume boy thing. . . . But the mention of the perfume changes curse, life and death immediately wished with the perfume, must be GAY.

another brand of cosmetics for the general use of the Nivea, Mentholatum, Goff, Biotherm, Clinique,ghd straighteners repairs, and even dior HOMME, Clarins Men's skin care products is not necessarily so GAY. . . But as long as spend SKII, Guerlain, CHANEL and so there is relatively little that a woman sign a GAY STYLE. But also for skin care brands and products familiar to almost all GAY.

said shopping, a boy and a girl go shopping, if a little boy came out from the dressing room to go according to what girls in front of a mirror or ask advice in general is the straight man. And no one else has come out from the dressing room mirror pose, from the comments do not need anyone - GAY.

man and a woman both men took to the streets, is not necessarily a couple, maybe people are sister friend, is actually very good resolution, to help girls backpack straight male side comparison, because the general is not helping girls GAY backpack, misunderstanding caused by people afraid that their temperament is his bag. And girls hand in hand, straight fingers intertwined side comparison of male and female arm straight boys are not necessarily take the men.

man and a woman visiting the department store cosmetics counter, next to the bag boys, and looking around doing nothing very tired of the bias depends on straight men and boys in the next advice to help stop the trial or obtain a copy of the partial sample GAY.

if the following these female stars, like a boy same time, three or even more (this is not necessarily a fan favorite, but it is definitely more to this one aspect of a female star in high esteem, then there is hate may be GAY - Madonna, Britney Spears, Chris Umatilla, Beyonce, Shakira, LADY GAGA, Mariah Carey, Faye Wong, a small S, Zhang Liang Ying, Anita Mui, Coco Lee, Pauline Lan and so on.

more like straight men sexy, but not pure taste, pure and sweet is not the brain, for example, Han Xue, GAY which nine out of ten hate her, but like many straight men, there are A classic example - Melanie, Beyonce, Christina GAY ring inside the United States for so noble, that is because they do a lot of them want to do a lot of GAY can not or do not dare to do things, they have a lot of life can only be GAY expect things, they are GAY dream!!!

GAY is the only female star really like, and only truly understand GAY singing actress, but also will go to KTV almost only GAY regular point of Faye Wong, Stefanie Sun and even the songs Zuying.

Everyone has a back mountains, has a half stars each GAY heart of woman in mind.
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man and a spouse impermanent the section stock cosmetics sideboard, succeeding to the bag boys, and hunting around doing cypher real careworn of the preconception depends on aligned men and boys in the close advice to helpfulness layover the attempt or obtain a double of the colored distribution GAY.
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