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Default Massage 6 parts constantly are stronger than dine

There are six people health SAR, respectively, in the back, backbone, breast, abdominal umbilical and ear. Feet. The 6 SAR good daytime care, can subserve metabolism, patronize healthy practices, so for to fulfill physical fitness, ailments and sickness results.

a SAR, abdominal umbilical
Health Keywords: abdominal portly elimination, prevention and handling of constipation.
abdominal umbilical is attached large magnitude to health experts, health care, Stimulation of abdominal umbilical rubbing, conditioning, can Yifei Gu Shen, alleviate the nerves rather heart, liver and gallbladder, Tom Lee triple burner, disease prevention and healthy.
Roufu likewise arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, obesity has a good adjuvant therapy.
health care approach: hands overlap, according to the centre,GHD MK4 Pure Straighteners, moderate compel, when maintaining natural breathing, clockwise approximately the umbilical Roufu.
the mob for lack of discipline daily namely recommended to develop in their leisure time or two-hand rotate while walking buffet (frequency of once per second) for 20 minutes in the lower abdomen, the abdomen can promote metabolism.

SAR II, ear
Health Keywords: prevention ear frostbite to help Yang Shen.
kidney opens into the ear to Chinese medication, often rubbing ear ear frostbite can be prevented, and can melodrama back Jianshen strong, self-cultivation sickness character.
health concern methods: pulling the ear lobe. Put your hands concordance finger inside the tragus, the use of the index finger and thumb plucking the tragus, earlobe, pulling from the inside out, approach from light to massive, tension forces to the extent not feel afflict, each 3 to 5 minutes. Mount Helix
hand. Two-hand fist, to the thumb and finger edible from pushing up and down along the helix-mo, until the helix congestive fever.
pulling sharp-eared. With both hands, the thumb and index finger pinched ear peak, move up pulling, rubbing, kneading, friction and 15 to 20 times, make some hot red. This means has sedative, analgesic, clear brain eyesight, fever and other effects.

SAR Third, chest
Health Keywords: amend center and lung function.
the strength of a person immune feature, apt a decisive extent, depends ashore the concentration class of thymosin on the thymus to conditioning provocation tin prevent illness disease, physical sickness.
health care approach: right bust with his right hand on altitude, fingers indirect, the moderate to left lower belly at shoving the brush back and ahead rubbing touch 50; because the left hand rubbing the same way 50 periods. Then, with palms facing the chest and then up and down the medium of friction 50; can alternately tapping the chest with two hands back, the remaining 100 per shot, sooner or afterward do it again.
a chest rub can

SAR four, back
Health Keywords: improve immunity, anti-cold.
constantly scraping back the meridians and muscles, rub,GHD Blue Butterfly 2011, hammer at, slapped, you can explicit the meridians,GHD IV Dark Straighteners, An Xinan God, to help prevent colds, the other, rubbed the behind of the middle-aged patients with chronic diseases have a certain achieve of adjuvant therapy.
health care approach: sooner or later in the day, rub (rub) back, take care hammer back or back (including back and neck); or take back knead therapy, such as scraping the back, chiropractic, and cupping.

the SAR 5 spinal
Health Keywords: promote absorption, prevention of common diseases spine. About 70% of human are normally due to absence of appropriate care of the spine leaving the SAR had a disease. The SAR has 4 spinal curvature, the maximum prone to lesions in the cervix (cervical spondylosis), and lumbar flexion (lumbar muscle strain,GHD IV Mini Straighteners, lumbar disc herniation).
health care approach: Children anorexia, the partly shadow can Jiaji massage along the spine on both sides. Massage each night of the spine therapy, Gua Sha, cupping go, gently pat.
in the spine, DC,GHD Green Butterfly 2011, acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese medicine Fengliao, isolation of the spinal nerves of the spinal ligature pain and ankylosing spondylitis have a medical effect
TCM methodology records, people have Decline of old people feet first, first dried basis dry wood, showing the importance of human feet. Domestic and foreign medical experts carry out research on human feet namely the SAR part of the foot between the assorted organs in vivo is a direct correlate, there are reflex districts of the organs, the lesions happen in certain organs, it can in its reflected on the reflex zones. function, Bunao received kidney, mystery nerves, behalf qi and blood, promoting blood prevalence network, the effect of fatigue. Perseverance, you can control, forgetfulness, insomnia, indigestion, detriment of desire, bloating, constipation and heart, liver, spleen, gall bladder and other apparatus diseases.
health care approach:
best to use peppery water or peppery towels cover their thighs and feet behind.
1, dry rub. Hold the back of his left front foot, with his right hand forward the soles of the feet rubbing up and down 100 times, reaching fever soles of the feet; and then right hand right foot cervix, rubbing with his left hand up and down 100 times along the soles of the feet, rubbing the intensity of the size appropriate to the solace of their own.
2, the wet rub. Feet in warm water pot, drench the feet red, and then rub the premier reach.
3, alcohol rub. Pour almost half of the 2 alcohol in a glass,GHD Precious Gift Set, according to the first approach operation, merely a foot rub a tiny hand-dipped in white wine, liquor and then rub dry submerge, according to the first approach the heart of the rub 100 feet.
4, alternatively a relative arrived in a two-foot Mount,
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