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Default Taobao to promote long-term recruit part-time line

, Plus QQ group: 62754347, high return! 【Reference】 sell 13's clothes make six million three strategies to teach you shop when the boss

marketing skills 2011-05-11 14:27:12 1 Comments 0 read font size: medium and small subscription unwittingly a forum to see, feel called to make the purchase classic clothing business.


day to see a lot of people care about looking for sources, as if with a good supply, the business will have a guarantee. But first, in fact, in the store, the most important is the supply. As the saying goes, one-third of goods, seven sell. During this period, remember, do not choose the one you love, just thrown the election easily.

example; I get 20 yuan a small shirt. 10.

1 件 sold for 145 yuan, a 80, the rest of the day, a requirement to sell their own anyway. Sure higher than 80.

Some people may say: I'm black.

I tell you: the value of clothing, lies in the process of selling. The number of customers, is the lack of clothes to wear? Women buy clothes, is to enjoy the buying process. Price of buying these clothes, the woman is not serious with you, they just do not feel expensive, fun, and may not be very good, now is not very necessary, but keep little later with a small can take. Price up, wear out, anyway, not expensive. Cheaper, will not wear.

do not believe you try the - 20? too expensive too expensive! 10 Well, I bought a home nurse to wear! ! !

selling clothes, to love their own goods. Do not hold anything against a long time to sell. I also regret the time getting goods. I will learn its lesson, but I took it as the most beautiful clothes to sell.

my belief that time: garbage can participate in the movement of goods, not to mention I sell new clothes!

not boast, the enthusiasm of the guests came at me, a lot of regular customers. Record, more than 3,000 sales a day, at least to earn more than 2000. Minimum 700, there are profits more than 400 points,

4 months later, a second store opened.

I dug a girl sent to fast food, 600 yuan wages, 1500 to me, she really did sell more than everything. Our market, 1500 is a reasonable wage (then), but skilled. I Pianbu Xin, I believe that passion.

I started getting goods methods.

find a partner looking for better goods.

I traveled all the market, after repeated selection, the selected two wholesalers.

Why? With the village! Look good, it is better with the Wang family.

a lot of people purchase, like the East to get West Helena, eyes feel good, getting goods as I will not. I focus on two to get cooked a big customer. Others can not see the new version, I can take, and then cooked, and began to be returned for refund. I also keep up a good version, I thought for a bad version, do not say Yahuo less, home style is relatively uniform, do not mess with it one way. Look at the quality of the goods to take my sister and I died laughing.

my strength is sales, I would not delay in getting goods on the. I kept the money, shop, 18 months, fired a total of four. Since I try to sell anything, wholesalers have been touched me. Often give me credit, liquidity increased significantly.

I later opened more than 10 stores, six were made goods wholesaler. I leave early morning for the year end there is no pressure of any cargo.

Here, you will think what I was kind of person!

hundred percent you will guess wrong.

I sold 13 in a small shirt when I am wearing real grown Chanel. Year PRADA.D & G. I do not play.

I have another harvest: these 6 years, my hands more than 20 entrepreneurial salesperson, more than 20 boss. They understand, in fact, does not take much money to do business.

I teach them to do something out of nothing people.

I think to do farm work clothes, worry does not come.

I think

of you must have been such people: like to buy, more like wearing them.

I do not wear brand-name of the. Wrong, not necessarily require a brand name.

Now my business is good, expensive goods, are also selling well. Honestly, so many good things through this fashion also know that a seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight.

boss that you have to dress up as a neat, if you want good business. And the store's goods can only match point, not wear their version, it is a salesperson to do. You have to wear a grade, you have a quality clothing store. Understand not, try to wear a big brand name, as your armor. Then one of your warm smile, a woman will make a lot of downright, obediently become your regular customers.

selling cheap goods and sell your goods is not the same.

sell cheap goods, be enthusiastic,

to sell your goods, to the cold point.

you will find snob? Wrong.

at the top of the store, you feel the polite indifference point behind it? !

my sellers. Is this. About 2000 clothes, do not offer. Take a computer to call her to see, remember, look in her eyes. He was just polite enough. If she is the consumer level, she feels she wants to prove it to you. Women are born predators, so friendly. She thinks you are worth of goods.

to sell your goods, smiling little as possible, even if many times the customer to patronize, but also polite courteous, polite again.

Dong Chexi pull, really hates few when goes to use the book to

A friend asked me, you have done your goods, cheap goods have done, and why?

actually come to see shop.

next door about what grade to sell, you do exactly with the. Usually people flow, you need to do volume. No one place, do your goods. Of course, I like to get together, do not engage in a separate place to shop, a dead end, not to save rent, a waste of time. Some would say I keep busy two years, two sub-minute delay you earn hundreds of thousands.

sell cheap, pull cart purchase, sell your goods, out of a BMW.

sell a 100, earning 90 is too slow, 90% is not much.

1000 piece sold, 30% of 300.

goods, but you have to wait. Is true. You can not keep 6 months to 10 months, do not do. But a year later is not tired. Would get to sit more prosperous, many people did not insist. Made a bargain, it is destined to toil, and at the beginning is easy, always hard. Jews are most likely to do business, they'd all sell your stuff.

year I joined a lot of brand pull. I never quit. The streets of the goods can be sold, why should life over to you, I'm not not do business. Women only with men loyal to the man fishes brand loyalty. What I want to try a good brand, after all, tried thousands of miles to the consumer level yet.

sell bulk good. Make more money, nobody, except to sell brand, brand name will pull you join?

I now also do wholesale. I do not pull people to join. I'm not money, pulling 100 people to join, if the 100 will not be sellers, it is not pulling the 100 burden. I also sympathize with those who shop, what should get a lot of people, people how to sell.

two sellers laws

1. every woman will think they have a dress, do not pretend to consultants, image guidance. (That dress is not in line of their own and do not regularly buy clothes)

regular customers is very important, a large proportion of the business back.

do not teach the guests with chatter. Women self-esteem above all, she will not find a place to be silly for you to read.

Otherwise, even if you buy into this. You will not be here, often to the place she wanted.

I handled this way.

guests paid attention to an item of clothing, the general designer, I will heartily praise her taste, she bought clothes in the process, I will ask him, what better brainstorms. Praise her, she should eat this bowl of rice fashion. I was much less than the.

The result: a lot of customers when nothing I have to bring her husband or boyfriend like to go shopping, a few pieces of Shunpian Mai, show yourself to shop smart. Here is her paradise. She also Hupenghuanyou, and help you to sellers. She would like more people are aware, general designer of me, are her fans.

my store, DreamWorks countless women, I am selling a dream, my commodity is a sense of superiority.

many cases, guests find a dress that I bought here, a lot of your others. But they will maintain their own prestige. Heart a million reasons to deny their failure, will not vent their anger on me --- she knows I'm not an expert.


good sellers is not a debate on an operating member of magic.


this material is not good

Yes ah, you are the expert. The good wash drying, easy care. Do not dry clean.

will not be comfortable to wear

Yes. Wash before wearing. Pay attention to the beautiful new clothes are usually washed before wearing. Do you like red or green?

I do not like the above buttons, too ye eye

是 ah yes ah. But save with necklace. Here is a bracelet. A color scheme. Certainly a lot of your family bracelet.

result is often: a sweater, a bracelet, a pair of pants. (She also tells us that shall be equipped with what pants. To proclaim her right, bought a pair of pants.)

Guests with the feeling of God will be your slave.

it very strange woman. When he felt over a very successful person (my body brand name), she felt more successful. The subject of two successful people is definitely not a mere bargaining 100.200. (Guests will think: I am a successful person. 100.200 is not a problem.)

Guests encounter is miserly,Coach Outlet, you have to go all out : good opponent, is a teacher.

you are a businessman. You need to have the quality merchants. Free concessions, a nightmare start. The less you refreshed 50, his next fight 100.

Bargaining points, one after another in exchange for, say, buying more than two, or put on accessories, or promises to bring friends to. Commitment to price to be confidential. Do not give such a low commitment to the next, to show more concern to us. Friends came to help us talk about the good things and more. Well we have to win. You are already a VIP was.

you may have noticed, I have repeatedly stressed that he was wearing brand names. Do not despise, it is marketing.

your image is the image of the store, your performance level is the grade of the goods. Guests willing to make friends with you, of course, you have to humble enough, you got friends, she will feel that they have quality.

recognized my guests, my guests here are the grade. (I buy things here, is glorious.)

See, your guests are successful, a grade friend, you worry about sellers? With marketing, do not sell.

3. Control your species.

every woman has their own set of clothes, to tell you a secret: they are 100% good Tiaoyi Fu. 50% good to pick pants. 30% good to pick a skirt (dress excluded).

Why do women stop shopping? People who really buy clothes will often buy clothes? Most of dress pants with no good, but they have never thought of it, they will be all over the world to find suitable clothes, they always feel short of clothes.

smart boss already know how to do it.

to have the long, focusing on the short.

boss who takes the goods, like the focus on the coat. Maximum competition jacket, good-looking, there are better does not see that the guests encounter are the professionals, have their own set of difficult business environment? Own review about it.

good business boss, they will definitely see

want to know what kind of pants, skirts, shoes are best for selling?


Key words: stability, was thin,

pants type to the whole: small trousers, direct integration, leisure wide trousers, trousers, pants 7.8.9

summer light color in the winter dark colors, black throughout the year.

each pants can not have too many similar models

getting goods, the two models is similar to option one. Two models like to do the first one, do one later. Why? Have more, there is low. Guests do not want to take the exam, you usually only 10 models she picked one, out of 9, she was not interested in the future. Provide you with five models, she is also an option. Remember, not too much style, the style requirements of the guests of the few pants. When out of suppliers to focus on factors that type version. Any version of a good type, age span, simple and elegant trousers, is the best selling. Personality is the guest thing in common is you. Pants more personality, more difficult to sell.


Keywords: line, was thin, subtle, sexy

dress pants in order to sell well in the store with high-heeled shoes with the flat with treasures, Three boots for winter.

my experience is: 38.39 yards is good, easy to wear off. Anyway, the store also sells shoes, the way to the guests feel.

try to persuade customers to change shoes pants, you can prepare a large number of stockings, guests feel your service is good, and sanitary. If the women try to wear shoes pants, and I guarantee you sell accomplished.

shoes sell good quality, definitely not shoddy, can not conceal how long.

In addition to shoes, other clothing and general quality of the line. 500, does not depend on the quality of the first to make money.

monthly sales record, you want to keep the review. Pants, skirts, sales to 40% is normal.

each season, pants first. Weather condition that you cold, the heat is not hot, do not affect their business.

summer serves decent pants, skirts Maihao winter.

not mistaken,

lucky woman, summer air conditioning, winter heating.

Men dress in line to the man, woman like to be different

women like colorful world, but repeat offenders like shopping problems. And decided to buy things like different things. In addition to rendering the sweater, small shirt colors can be bold enough, the other, or advise you to steady it.

jacket coat coat I will not say, we are all masters.

how the three deal with the supplier?

fixed as two. If you getting goods all over the world, who will not take care of you.

focus on the progress of your loan, focusing on two or three, the benefits you will soon discover. 1. Return relatively easy. 2. Not a period of time not getting goods to market, to get back on the old 3, dragged arrears owed, after a good meeting. Increase working capital. Salesperson with suppliers a good relationship, what will sell, you will not miss. 4, do not throw in the toll on the money. From time to time you may require suppliers to send plates to you, call the computer getting goods.

suppliers what is good suppliers?

1, there is strength. Do not be afraid of hard work, to see the sewing machine, before considering the long-term cooperation. This is an iron rule of the Italian businessman.

the whole country, full of people throw goods. You take the high fashion, every minute is to spread goods, bought elsewhere and put their own mark goods. Hello

sell, are also selling off, but may have to make 6 million for 12 years, not 6 years.

find sources, many of the wrong boss strength.

them getting goods out, like shopping, concerned about style, price, and not find a strong strategic partner.

powerful suppliers, money and talent, than you must be high chance of winning alone.


ethical companies can find out the side. Supplier of the salesperson,Burberry Online Sale, how long do like this job? sales manager for being too enthusiastic.

good supplier will not be gratuitous for your passion. They know that 80% of the profit is 20% of the guests created. when you do not show the value of your business before, the more down force of publicity, the more you have to watch out for.

you can observe their clients, is beaming, or frown.

I am disgusted to join. join the already garbage. join a Yangwan Yi, but to China, change the taste . foreigners to join, the purpose is to facilitate the management and operation of standardization, to misappropriating, you can go to market,Nike Free 3.0, to raise funds, so they operate more is to do a good job. China some merchants, like the expansion of the scale, immediately misappropriating, as to expand the channel, the standard they have is not capable of engaging in business, even imagined. income assessment does not, as long as you have the money. Many franchise owners are not doing business, the business will be better? If by this low-level management can learn to do business, it is difficult to learn what a businessman for 10 years!

I do not accept that he is joining. I'm not willing to back a burden.

sell my goods , must have abilities. well need to be selling goods.

ago, I did a factory, getting goods to sell, when, who will receive my initial fee, I fee good sense to him. have the strength, you receive to do?! money, that is not power,Links Of London Online US!

goods better? Haha, thing you sell.

is full of good goods. not your cargo is good, I would like to find a convenient.

willing to do business together, we must trust in the strength

suppliers will not take too much notice you have the money, concern is your ability.

what call your money and will really help you make money?

is not so high, I was not to help customers make money, but I hope I have the ability to help clients make money, so the encounter to have a skill,Hermes Birkin Bag 30CM, and I will be multi-win, thought by joining. initial fee unlimited.


care order, if not the number you want to be shocking, you have no need to order.

requirements of some suppliers like order, you have to be careful. He wants to shift the risk is. you open a large department store, orders to normal, if not, can not be uncertain.

watch your wallet.

Some orders commercial black, you should pay attention. samples may be imported material. ordering, remember to take the pieces kind of clothing, or cloth version, stated in the contract goods orders not to EDITION ,Coach Handbags, not receiving. If he all excuse, you can not hesitate to leave. particularly in Guangdong, Hangzhou, including the so-called foreign trade companies, you have to be careful.

short, try to get spot.

deceptive means were: Oh, the goods do not do. You be 50 now, and help you do?!

smart response: I want large size 3 , the code 2. a visitor to do, help me to catch it. have the goods to send me. In this way, true or false, you will not lose.

I have a friend, order did not take the kind of clothing, cloth edition, the results received a batch of waste.

4. a sense of responsibility to suppliers

good suppliers will take care of your business, and this is their attention to the terminal. substandard exchange readily. willing in terminal ads. from time to time seek your views on the goods, the difficulty will ask where you operate, how to ask your most recent business, there are no goods to add. now hot commodity, you do not send boards to give you a try. of course, will promise you can send back the board.

you do not care provider's own decoration, he embodies the simple but practical. a lot of suppliers do not know the service terminal, the decoration for their own interests, highlighting the strength .

I have a friend reported to me that to find a strong supplier. I asked him how do you know there is strength, he replied: br>
Once you have a good supplier, you have to work hard. powerful combination, the two sides should cherish.

Do not pay too much attention, make demands every day. any unilateral interests do not last long.

good sellers, it relates to your voice. to show your value more fully, the more benefits you get.

of inspection papers: one-third of goods sold seven

1. Do not look good, as long as the pay any more.

beautiful goods in Europe, not in Guangzhou. look at the focus to estimate how much to sell.

2. Do not just pick your favorite , to pick the most people to accept.

not own to wear, to have a head for business. their money, a lot of good things to wear.

3. suppliers nice, but Cargo is not the most beautiful

is the most beautiful wedding dress. to find a wedding dress company??

4. I have good taste. The goods look less like

unless You do international brands. tasteful sister, you will die is difficult to read. tasteful sister, often losing money earned shouted.

5. is a domestic helper, win points, smoothing costs

any age. find out numbered for easy replenishment enough. multi-purpose use of computer telephony.

6. I have a small customer base to new

every day to maintain a certain style is very important. broaden the customer base is fundamental. turn around a few regular customers, the more pressure you more cargo, passenger and less. store arbitrary seven strokes off the goods yards everywhere.

good sales of the models, and strive to sell more, this is definitely a market for goods, consumer satisfaction is high after purchase, do the chances of regular customers. Instead, a new stock new stock risk.

easy to sell goods. I usually get re-start with dozens of pieces. always check the code number need filled, or not to increase the color.

7. I often phone, just make one or two pieces, the supplier will not look down ?

assured, good suppliers will appreciate your caution. at least, you will not give him a big trouble.

call if you want to return 20 30, he was annoying .

8. the requirements of suppliers too far, I can refuse to do?

rejected. the nature of business is to protect their own interests. you are a businessman you?

I am a wholesaler, I respect the weight of the opponents.
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