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Default Smart kids Tutu ( emphasize above the second

1st to stress that Kazakhstan, all the period crying neat madame, pay care to pronunciation,GHD, the stress falls ashore the second This namely fundamentally different from the oh ~~~~
Since the name
Chu, really gifted sister.
Zodiac's mysteries, 1 by an sister merely to scare them into location a nice fight, yet also fast and accurately nail the twelve animals (I apologize your excuse I mean Han); no only can quickly and accurately nail the second one animal, but also pointed out that the cardinal household members 1 by one the sign of the Zodiac; not only pointed out that the main family members one along one the Zodiac, but also to remember what every animal's preference; not only to remember what each animal's favorite, but also competent to express their own minds sister. For example: When the sisters want to dine cheese and they ambition use the mini finger with the mouse,GHD Purple Gift Set, forcing her mama to mention If fate does not play the cheat mommy said, Of lesson, not each mama ought be asked Chu to her sister to obtain the cheese, but there is always one or 2 ten needle her mother took her, Sister Chu Anjiao presently will be in my heart / p>
In fact, maximum people
Miss Chu was not her favorite clever, but her adore. Chu sister a few times every day perusing approximately the Love Auntie This is a bunch of people, the biggest anxiety is spotlessly clean every day in that array, she is talking on N times. For example, when we discuss who eat apples,GHD Hair Straightener NZ, she would say each of these people repeatedly; when we discuss who's feet stench,GHD IV Mini Straighteners, she will be the group of people Zhuge Shu again; or when we discuss the size of the size of the whale When these people are her reference; so many more. . .
Miss not creature neat
additional points to the appoint of relatives and friends, amuse do not be sad ah, her heart is you!

Here is the latest
Match Friends Chu sister,GHD Purple Straighteners, sister who fleshy face ah ~ ~ ~ hey ~ ~ a daytime in the long ~~~~~~

A double-fold a youthful

beautiful as Miss

be ruthless like sister


sister favor to play a fertilizer of harvests, Cengceng up long. . .

outstanding zodiac puzzle
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