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Old 06-06-2011, 07:40 PM   #1
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Default The base of plastic bottles - fatal secret

specifically go to the supermarket to the bottom of always drinks entire peruse it anew, only a vat of opaque barrel Nongfushangquan is written 2,
other not stuff how pretty the bottle is a entire, to everyone's health, I The article was procreated in particular,
wish namely reproduced each other,PULSERA BLANCA CON ITALIA, so namely more people know the risks, people live healthy lives!
UAE a twelve year-old girl, because ten continuous months with the same mineral water bottle, she had illness. Called PET bottles which contain plastic material, with a secure, if you are frugal or convenient for repeated use,XB 2011, there is cancer emergency.
water flask by the base there is a triangle with signals, there are a number triangle.

natural mineral water bottles,PULSERA NEGRA CON ARGENTINA, the bottom of the label 1

Nongfushangquan 4 liters loaded, bottom of the label 2

heat-resistant plastic tea cup, the bottom of the label 5

PET polyethylene terephthalate resin
common mineral water bottles, soda bottles. Heat to 70 ℃ distortion,PULSERA NEGRA CON LOGO XB, there are harmful substances thaw out. No. 1 plastics in 10 months, may release carcinogenic DEHP. Can not be placed aboard the car sun; not setup brandy, fuel, material

HDPE high density polyethylene
common pearly bottles, cleaning supplies, bath products. Do not use as cups, alternatively containers used for warehouse of other items. Cleaning is not complete, do not recycle.

PVC PVC raincoat, building materials, plastic membrane, plastic boxes. Plasticity agreeable, the price namely low, it is mutual to use only heat 81 ℃. Likely to have good lofty temperature material creation,PULSERA BLANCA CON MEXICO, are rarely used in edible packaging. Difficult to wash and cozy remnants, do no recycle. If you do not buy drinks.

PE polyethylene
common plastic coat, plastic film. Harmful substances produced while high temperatures, toxic substances enter the body with food, may reason chest cancer, neonatal birth failings and other diseases. Do not wrap into the microwave oven.

common milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice bottles, microwave repast. Melting point of up to 167 ℃, is the only location in microwave plastic boxes can be reused afterward thoughtful cleaning. Note, some microwave food receptacles, box 5, PP to manufacture, merely the lid was to manufacture PE 1, PE tin not withstand the high temperatures, it tin not be put in the microwave with the box body.

PS polystyrene boxes
common bowl of immediate noodles, snack. Not into the microwave oven, the temperature is too high so for to shirk release of chemicals. Acid loading (such for orange beverage), alkaline substances,PULSERA BLANCA CON BANDERA USA, ambition destroy down carcinogenic materials. Avoid rapid food box packaging peppery food. Do not use microwave oven to cook instant noodles bowl.

Other common water bottle, space glass, bottle. Glass materials used in ministry stores such as gifts. Very easy to release toxic substances bisphenol A, disadvantageous. Do not use heat, not in the brunt of the sun.
my pleasure is that everybody did not forget to share healthy merry
her friends
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Default fiction stories of forced sex wife huge tits

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