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Old 06-06-2011, 03:58 PM   #1
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Default Love adore in the night among the legs before

God built the maiden, the man established a woman!
men can not wear the marrying clothe as a woman, amuse do not loosen her underwear!
the world is not the Great Wall, whenever a man to give up a woman, a woman put a brick on the floor, a long time got the Great Wall!
woman paid sex, men of paying!

still without a man nigh the Earth or turn! Sorry can not every sentence in interchange for
does not matter!
Life is favor a drama, what drama, what role play!
less talk about feelings with my keyboard refused to knock out 1 hour 2 yuan emotions!
women are not merciless in front of men stand still!
standing above the turn of their own, pretending he is passing!

2009 between what love is its debut? Rich kin dependents!
Do people do bloody, callous asset Mo line!
; all he drowned, pyrene pinion; have him killed!
****, women have only so that men orgasm!
men do not put a woman on your tolerance, your sense of shame for the capital!
dissimilar smart woman,Christian Louboutin Pumps, but likewise a scenery of men; distinct handsome man, is nobody but a tool for women to show off!
opinion was just act entities!

love singing smutty anthems were so many people!
woman's tears, a man's sin!
not passionate kiss,Christian Louboutin D'Orsays, but where the bed of the coil, there is not friction there would be no physical spark of adore!
not mad kissing, how the bed roll, you have reason, and I packed, I have the ability to ache you!
love the world, not who I am apologetic, merely who know how to adore!
the fault of the immediately popular 1 human 2 people to bear, a unattached is fashionable, well-being do not mien!
man's words can deceive a woman 1 night, meantime the woman's life sentence but can cheat man!
I not mature ample, or you're also youth!

penetrate a woman face to the cheerful men and women who will know the pain of my heart!
fewer seduce me. At this point too exhausted, has been exhausted, pride woman!
the Chopin B and then livestock, neither the psychological misadventure of a woman!
go its own way, do you ambition to do, so cats, called Go!
beast cozy to V, the people hard to drip; gully cozy to fill in, full of folk is laborious!
would rather believe that there was something fishy mouth can not believe a man goes broke, would rather watch a dog fight can not deem the words of a man!
; ; TMD, there is a long course Shuai P use, the avenues can face up card?
is nice people depart, I am no exception ...

leaves leave the pursuit of the wind, or not to maintain the tree! ,Christian Louboutin Boots! !
front is a die end, I hope in the corner!
their own fate in their own hands!
do not care almost the length of life, but to live gifted, eat light and healthy!
reality is too imitation, or they are too stupid! Many people do not need
goodbye, because it is only passing via it, forgetting that we give each other the best mark!
forget about the past, do not inquire in the future, cherish this beautiful moment!

kind of self-defense, called I do not attention,Christian Louboutin Mary Janes, you and me who else!
have loved it because the antagonist can not do, because it can not be friends have hurt! Then do the most familiar stranger now!
In this scene there, you are the manager, I was just a temporary hurl it!
not fearful of people look down, afraid they do not live up to expectations!
to the motherland afterward generation, we must fall in love! Why is water loaded
pure ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ satyr why are loaded sheep?

kid, please send your noble small b face, roll!
turning back!
himself, after all, is not
globe is dirty, how sad?!
brothel full house for the people alone!
ascertain I like the umbrella, I would rather the rain!
Whenever a doll Wanyan
time and you ought just throw my toys!
debauchery, according to dress men are polygamous, in love as the drama, alarm passionate female!
water deserving to blocked and out noisy, people were frustrated and mature!
people smile by you, purely respectful!
that the sky ambition rain tears, bitter coffee namely life to get used to, I said simply suffer alive!
2009 hiding in the corner to see the hypocrisy of the metropolis!
half-truths, false true, true there were false, false in truth, in the end is true, no one can narrate whether a man's heart can
capacity other women, the woman can prevaricate down on the bed Under any man!

my site I cry the shots, everything is feasible!
smile preferably than tears, not to cherish!
thousand years the devil fox, is a man to a woman pierce bruise injury is forever a woman,Christian Louboutin High Heels!
who is in a shadow, who is in the surround of life, elapse life of the dust, present in the air, soul and spirit of endless misery!
One slit for lonely, only the starting of man's heart
doubtful ㄋ ... ... a little like the weather anticipate is granted ... ...
be done in the day, things in people, the line out anything,Christian Louboutin Flats! !
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